Department Of Commerce

The term started on the 15th of January with six members in the department. The department was headed by Ms Lachmi with the assistance of five teachers(whose details are listed below). Later in week two Mr Jitesh Kumar got transferred to another school. The department went through many challenges but with the help of dedicated teachers we were able to overcome these challenges and deliver to our students. STAFFING AND SUBJECTS OFFERED The department has a total of five staff including the Head of Department and four assistant teachers. The department offers Commercial Studies to Year 9 and 10 and Economics and Accounting to Year 11 to Year 13 and also Commercial Studies is offered to students taking vocational studies and catering classes in school. A total of three hours is allocated to Year 9 and 10 for Commercial Studies and five hours for Accounting and Economics for the senior forms. One hour per week is allocated for accounting to vocational students in school