Department Of Computer

Greetings from the Computer Department. The amount of information and technology is said to be changing every 6 months from mobile phones, iPod and computers.The only way to keep up with these is to understand, how technology works and the ability to control them so that human interaction would be able to accept and live with the changes. A computer study is designed to be flexible and provide a wide range of individual and group activities. The year 2018 has been a challenging year for the department. There have been a number of joys as well as drawbacks encountered throughout the year. Howerever, it feels good to say that the year was a true success. The department believes that a child needs to be developed holistically in order to attain success in life and the subjects offered by the department provide a solid base for employment in the future. The highlights of the department: department received 6PC and 15 minilaptop donated by Rotary club of Tasmania. The department organized afternoon classes focusing on the improvement of weaker students to uplift their performance. The department marked the Department Week from 5th-6th and 9th-11th July. (week 9 of Term 2). The theme for the department week was “SKILLS FOR ALL!” The students got the opportunity to prepare charts and models for display. Finally, I would like to acknowledge the support of the management and the administration of the college for their guidance. The department extends its well wishes to those students sitting for external examination and finally to all the members of the DRASA Family Merry Christmas and Prosperous 2019. “Technology is always changing just about everyday. It is important to keep with industry changes whether small or large. With computers even sky is not the limit.” Mrs Anjlleen Lata Chand Teacher in-charge.