Department Of Industrial Arts

There has been a huge shift in the Industrial Arts curriculum from the conventional/traditional teaching and learning system to outcome based and competency-based teaching and learning system in secondary schools. The assessment-based learning focuses on well-defined learning outcomes and competency-based learning focuses on determining a student’s competency level. It is envisaged that the new developmental techniques would encourage and empower students in the teaching and learning process. The Department consist of three Resourceful and Dedicated Teachers who share the load in teaching of Basic Technology from year 9 to year 10, Technical Drawing From year11 to year13, Applied Technology From year11 to year13 level. My hearty thanks and appreciation go out to the department teachers who have always lent their untiring effort in the running of the department. Also, the Administrators, who have provided guidance and timely assistance whenever needed. SANJEET KUMAR (HOD actg)