Department Of Language

The department is made up of 10 dedicated Language teachers who have been carrying the fort in managing and carrying out responsibilities within the department. Vernacular plays an integral part in the department with Mr Tulomana and Mrs Olinipa Kailawadoko looking after Vosa Vaka – Viti. Additionally, Hindi classes are looked after by Mrs Meenu Sharan, Mr Ronald Chand and Miss Sonam Gounder. The department holds the Vision which is to: ‘To ensure access to quality English, Hindi and iTaukei education with relevant and responsive curriculum, whereby students appreciate English and Vernacular studies. It’s mission stands as ‘ To assist students to reach their potential by providing programs that engage students as active participants in the English and Vernacular learning process and develop skills to become self – directed learners. The department has been enthusiastically working towards creating conducive and worthwhile Language classes in bringing about students who perform academically well in English. English, as the second language continues to be the department’s challenge which has kept its department members optimistic.